Community Outreach

Our church loves to do Community Outreach!  We have several projects that we participate in during the year.  Our Community Outreach program is called CBSDAC (Council Bluffs SDA Church) which is on our T-shirts!  Keep an eye out for the T-shirts in the community!



We are doing at least one community project each quarter of the year, sometimes more, as a way of "Paying it Forward" to our community.  We are calling this "Attitude of Gratitude".  

We are open to ideas for various projects we can do each quarter.  If you have an idea please let us know!  We have already done a few projects this year and are anxious to do as many as we can as often as we can!  We love our community and want to show our support and love to everyone!

We are working on getting more projects going.  We are still working on other projects we can do.  If you have any suggestions or want to help please let us know!  All are welcome!  You can let us know if you want to help or have a suggestion by going to the Get Involved Page.

Look below for all the projects we have so far this year!


We did our 3rd Adopt-a-street cleanup this year on July 18th.  We had a great turnout for it!  We also got a lot of positive feedback from the community, including from the police!  Everyone was so happy to see us working on keeping this street clean!  Cars would honk and wave, people slowed down to yell thank you, and we even had some nice conversations with various people in the community.  We collected 80 lbs of trash!  If you think you would like to help us with a community project like this one, check out our calendar and go to the Get Involved page.  Everyone is welcome to join us for any activity we are doing!  God is great!  Let's gather to show His love to others!



We completed another 712 Initiative project on Sunday, June 27th.  We had a nice turn out for this project.  There were actually two homes we helped with.  One just needed a couple more railing put up around the deck, especially a hand rail on some stairs.  The other was across the street and needed a privacy fence put up.  The posts were in but everything else needed done.  Our crew worked hard and completed both projects!  Check out the pictures to see everyone in action and the fence once it was done.  Pictured are the representative from 712 Initiative, Turner Morgan, Shannon Pigsley, Shona Hargens, Laura Hargens, Brad Pigsley, Pastor Tony Jamgochian, Michael Hargens, and Joe LaFave.



We just finished a drive where we collected various things for the Micah House!  We had a very successful drive and collected a bunch of food, some outerwear, paper products, and even some personal items.  We had enough to fill the back ends of 3 cars!  We had several people show up to help take everything over and deliver it to the Micah House.  So glad we could have an impact!  More to come!






Sunday, December 27th, we fed and shared some hope. Our church family gathered together at the Open Door Mission to help prepare and serve food to the homeless. While it is true the holiday season is about spending time with family and friends, it is also about giving to others. It was truly an honor and blessing for us to serve our community.  We love to serve our community!








We delivered 60 bags filled with all sorts of goodies to CHI Mercy Hospital for the medical staff working with the Covid-19 patients!  The hospital staff were overwhelmed with the bags!  We had a great time collecting donations and filling the bags!  We had bottles of water, reusable cups, k-cups, emergent-C, lip balm, hand lotion, lots of snack bars, cookies, and treats!  The bags were also reusable bags with Bible verses and special wishes on them!  See the pictures in the slide show to see everyone chipping in during the bag filling time we shared!  We had a short devotional afterwards that was very good and a great way to end the Sabbath.  God is great and we pray these bags touch the people who receive them!



We did a Food drive starting in August to benefit the Community of Christ Food Pantry.  It was a short food drive but we were able to collect a lot of cans of vegetables, pasta, macaroni and cheese, rice, Pop Tarts, as well as many other things the pantry said they were in need of!  There was even a bag full of what looked like almost brand new shoes!  It was a variety of shoes and the bag was found just sitting in a parking lot!  What better thing to do than to give it to an organization that could make sure people who need them could get them!  We will have to do another food drive some time.  We try to do something quarterly to benefit community organization.  We love helping our community!  Check out the pictures!