Published: October 20, 2020      Updated: October 20, 2020


Our church has had the privilege to serve on several mission trips.  We have had groups go twice to Honduras, once to Puerto Rico after the Hurricane went through, and once to Pathways to Health in Texas.  Our members love to do local community projects as well as going anywhere we are able to share God's love with others. 



Next year we are planning on having a group go for the Pathways to Health in Indianapolis, Indiana April 26th to May 1st.  As a way to help with the cost, we are having a fundraiser selling Butter Braids!  These are tasty pastry treats you keep frozen until you are ready to make them.  They bake up after defrosting and they are so incredibly tasty!!!  A link and more information will be posted this coming weekend!  If you would like to know more about Pathways to Health, click here for more information. 

Following are pictures from our mission trips thus far.