Sabbath School

Published: November 21, 2020      Updated: November 21, 2020





Join us each Sabbath (Saturday) at 9:30am for a wonderful study of God's word.  Each quarter we have a different topic that is covered for the Adult Sabbath School.  The fourth quarter of 2020 is Education.  Do not let the title fool you.  This is not just about kids going to school.  This is about our education as Christians.  This study will help you gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be one of God's educated children.  "In order to understand what is comprehended in the work of education we need to consider both the nature of man and the purpose of God in creating him". ED page 14.4

We also have a Youth Sabbath School room, a Junior Sabbath School room, and what is referred to as Cradle Roll for the very young.  Each class teaches God's truth as it applies to the ages of the children.

We welcome you to come join us at church!  We will gladly give you a free quarterly.  If you are not able to come to church but would still like to participate in the Adult Sabbath School you can join us at approximately 9:40am using our Zoom link for Sabbath School.  If you prefer to study using the quarterly on the internet, you may access one by clicking on the picture of the lesson.